Halotherapy (dry salt therapy) in the salt cave has many natural health benefits for breathing, asthma, sinus, sinusitis, cough, cold, infection, lung, congestion, allergies, copd, bronchitis, cystic fibrosis, rosacea, eczema, psoraisis, dermatitis, arthritis, inflammation, detox, stress, sleep, mood, relaxation, immune, muscle recovery, sports performance, nutrition, meditation, and healing.
Try salt therapy in the salt cave for a natural remedy for asthma, respiratory conditions, inflammatory conditions, stress, sleep, mood, copd, lungs, infections, cold, cough, sinus, sinusitis, congestion, allergies, depression, anxiety, relaxation, meditation, healing, allergies, detox, arthritis, doms, muscle recovery.

What do I do in there?

Choose a yoga mat, a zero-gravity chair or be directly on the salt floor. Relax, meditate, nap… Breathe. Let the negative ions take you into a deep relaxation.

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothing. The salt cave is 20 to 21 degrees celcius and dry. Blankets are provided.

Can I bring my phone/computer in?

No electronics in the cave! The tiny salt particles in the air are not good for your devices. The cave is a retreat from work and cell phones!

Is talking allowed in the cave?

In a private group session, it’s up to you - but to get the full benefits it’s recommended to take a break from chatting. Regular salt cave sessions are no talking, no cell phones, no reading - only relaxing!

In the Himalayan Salt Cave in Nelson British Columbia. Relax in an zero gravity recliner or on a yoga mat. Sit, meditate, relax, breathe. The halotherapy (salt therapy) makes it easy to relax, sleep, enter deeper states of relaxation and meditation. While you breathe in the tiny particles of salt, it helps with respiratory and inflammatory conditions, sleep stress and mood. In Europe, salt cave therapy is used to treat bronchitis, asthma, copd, cough, cold, allergies, hay fever, sinus, sinusitis, congestion, mood, depression, anxiety, sleep, eczema, psoraisis, dermatitis, acne, stress. Sound therapy has many benefits for psychological, physical and emotional healing.