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Laura Benes, B.A., RMT

Owner, Himalaya Salt Cave

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Couples Massage, Reiki


Laura recently moved to Nelson from Wakefield, Quebec to build her dreams and dive deep into the healing power of salt and sound. Laura spends her spare time in the forests, mountains and lakes with a very happy Australian Shepherd!

Massage Therapy

Laura worked as a Registered Massage Therapist for five years with physiotherapists specializing in athletes/sports injuries, whiplash/headaches and pelvic floor. She is dedicated to continuing education in healing chronic and systemic issues in the body, mind and energy.

Treatments incorporate a combination of light to deep tissue massage, myofascial release, joint mobilizations, craniosacral, visceral (organ tissue) release, depending on your needs.

A holistic approach to wellness, correcting imbalances, releasing tension caused by daily activities, posture, past and recent physical trauma and emotional trauma.


Laura believes that you are your most powerful healer! When we reduce stress and distractions, the body switches to a state regulated by the parasympathetic nervous system, which is when healing occurs.

A student and teacher of meditation, intention, sound therapy, plant medicine, inner wisdom. Some influences include Lynne McTaggart (Intention), Joe Dispenza (Belief Systems), Jeremy Sills (Sound Healing), Medicine Weavings (Shamanic Healing).

Salt Therapy

Laura first discovered Halotherapy (dry salt inhalation) at Salt Wave in Ottawa, Ontario. The owners are pioneers of salt therapy in Canada. Having experienced the benefits for asthma in medical facilities in Italy, their passion is to make it available in North America. They are doing amazing work with respiratory and skin conditions at the Ottawa Children’s Hospital (CHEO).

Laura is excited about offering this natural therapy for its many health benefits. But the most exciting part is HOW IT FEELS! The negative ions produced when the salt is ground into the air promotes deep relaxation, improves mood, sleep and mental health.

The salt cave was built with intention to hold space for relaxation, deep healing, releasing stress, emotional and physical trauma. Laura has a special interest in mental health and wants everyone to feel and express their best self.


B.A. Psychology, Environmental Studies 2008

Anatomy of Trauma with Dr. Tom Tomlinson and Abigail Zat. 2015-2019

Reiki Master 2017

International Academy of Health Sciences and Massage Therapy 2012

Registered Yoga Teacher Training RYTT 2001



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Sound Healing, Shiatsu, Sequoia Signature, Couples Massage

Sequoia’s life journey has been an ongoing investment into her Spiritual development, through the study and continuous practice of traditional yoga, healing, breathing practices and sound medicine.

Sequoia started her Yogic journey in 1994 on her second journey to India. Little did she know that she would be studying and teaching Yoga in India and S.E Asia would continue for a consecutive 25 years part-time, and included volunteering, yoga study, which lead to teaching 200/300-hour Yoga teacher training programs for the last 11 years and running her own school for the last 5 years.

Sequoia has an endless sea of knowledge, experience and wisdom in the healing arts, traditional yoga, meditation, sound healing, breath work and pranayama. When Sequoia was in Canada she invested time in the study of  holistic healing, and has a variety of certification which includes Shiatsu, reflexology, Ayurveda massage, aromatherapy, Swedish massage, Chi Nei Tsang, level 1 & 2 Reiki, Conscious connected breathwork, Sound Healing, Tuning folks, Advanced Pranayama teachers training, intuitive healing and Chakras training.

Sequoia creates an authentic, safe, sacred space. When teaching she encourages others to listen within, and honour their inner guidance and wisdom, return back into the heart and reclaim the love for oneself.